Hanwha SolarOne

Research & Development

Hanwha SolarOne's research and development efforts are focused on optimizing photovoltaic cell and module manufacturing capabilities and improving solar product performance.

Our world-class research department of PhD's and researchers, and partnerships with leading academic Universities, drive this innovation.

Our team works closely with in-house manufacturing to improve each stage of the solar value chain.

We are constantly seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact through product packaging and manufacturing efficiency solutions.

Our mission is to achieve technical and cost synergies to maximize the benefits of vertically-integrated solar manufacturing capabilities and deliver these benefits to our customers.

Hanwha SolarOne has achieved 11 patents and has 16 (U.S.) patent applications pending.

Korea : Solar R&D, being responsible for development of next generation c-Si technologies

China : SOLAR TECH CENTER, being responsible for reduction of on-going cost and reinforcement of performance competitiveness

U.S. : GLOBAL NEW-TECH T&D HQ, being responsible for development of advanced technologies and market transformation