Hanwha SolarOne

Quality & Certification

Hanwha SolarOne Offers distinctive and innovative solutions for enhanced customer satisfaction and confidence.

Hanwha SolarOne is committed to strict product quality control. To do so, we have adopted the ISO 9001’s quality control processes. This includes establishing quality assurance checkpoints at every step of the photovoltaic manufacturing process.

In our view, maintaining a continuing and sustainable competitive advantage requires the non-stop production of highest-quality products that are always delivered to our customers on time.

International Product Performance Certifications


International Quality Manufacturing Certification

Certification Certification

ISO 9001 Certification and TÜV factory inspections confirm that our manufacturing is carried out under proven, internationally-recognized quality control and manufacturing processes.


Environmentally Responsible Manufacturing

Certification Certification

ISO 14001 Certification ensures that our manufacturing performs in an environmentally sustainable manner.