Hanwha SolarOne

Senior Management
Mr. Ki-Joon Hong Mr. Min-Su Kim Mr. Jung Pyo Seo
Mr. Ray(Inbok) Park Mr. Hakseob Kim Mr. Jeong Eui Hong

Mr. Ki-Joon Hong

Mr. Hong is Chief Executive Officer of Hanwha SolarOne. Mr. Hong is currently the Chairman of the Board of SolarOne, Chief Executive Officer of Hanwha Chemical Corporation and was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Hanwha's pharmaceutical and refinery businesses. Mr. Hong also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Hanwha's pharmaceutical and refinery businesses. Under his leadership, Hanwha Chemical entered into the solar energy and secondary battery businesses and also actively expanded its overseas operations, forming a joint venture in Saudi Arabia and building a PVC factory in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. He received a bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering from Seoul National University.

Mr. Min-Su Kim

Mr. Min-Su Kim is President of Hanwha SolarOne Co., Ltd. In his role as President, Mr. Kim oversees general management of the company, including sales, marketing, R&D and production.

Min-Su Kim joins Hanwha SolarOne from Hanwha Group headquarters. During his term of planning team of Hanwha Chemical, Mr. Kim helped expand the division’s business portfolio into new growth fields including solar energy, biopharmaceuticals, rechargeable battery materials and nano-technology.

He joined Hanwha in 1987 and spent 5 years in finance before serving in a number of leadership positions in sales and marketing for key product areas.

Mr. Kim earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Seoul National University and his M.S. in Leadership and Strategy from the London Business School.

Mr. Jung Pyo Seo

Mr. Jung Pyo Seo is the Chief Financial Officer of Hanwha SolarOne. Mr. Seo joins SolarOne from Azdel Inc., an automotive thermoplastic material manufacturer based in Virginia, where he was Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. In his three and a half years at the company, he rebuilt the company's cash and debt management systems and processes, implemented a new ERP system, managed commercial banking relationships, raised capital, and helped the company expand market share in a competitive market with rising raw material prices. He also played an important role in the acquisition and post-acquisition integration of Azdel Inc. by Hanhwa Corporation. Prior to joining Azdel, Mr. Seo held a variety of accounting, finance, and sales-related roles at Hanwha Resorts Corporation and Hanwha Chemical Corporation over a twelve year period. Mr. Seo earned an M.B.A. degree from the University of Washington, and a bachelor of arts with a concentration in finance and accounting from Seoul National University.

Mr. Ray(Inbok) Park

Mr. Ray Park is the Vice President and the Head of HR/Purchasing/General Affairs/Corporate Culture/Administration of Hanwha SolarOne. Prior to joining Hanwha SolarOne, Mr. Park worked as the Head of Polyethylene Compounds Business and the Head of Purchasing in Hanwha Chemical Corporation. He was dedicated to developing PE compounds business which led the company to be one of the global top 3 compounds makers, and to improving the purchasing process of the company with a variety of innovative ideas. By 2007, Mr. Park spent five years in US working for the successful management and operations of UBI, an affiliate of Hanwha Corporation. Mr. Park earned a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Seoul National University.

Mr. Hak Seob Kim

Mr. Hak Seob Kim is the General Manager of Hanwha SolarOne Qidong Factory. Mr. Kim joins Hanwha SolarOne from Dongbulightec Co. Ltd, a Korea-based manufacturer of light emitting diode (LED) lighting devices, where he was Control Director and Quality Innovation Team Leader. Prior to joining Dongbulightec, Mr. Kim held a variety of leadership positions in Quality Innovation, Quality Control and Manufacturing & Management Improving at Samsung LED Corporation and Samsung Electronics Corporation for over a twenty six year period. Mr. Kim received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Hanyang University.

Mr. Jeong Eui Hong

Mr. Jeong Eui (J.E.) Hong serves as the chief technology officer at Hanwha SolarOne, building on years of research and development experience in the solar industry. In this role, he oversees the development of photovoltaic technologies with market applications ranging from immediate horizons to five years and beyond. From wafer manufacturing to product integration, Mr. Hong will oversee the efforts conducted by Hanwha SolarOne’s R&D facilities in China, Korea, Germany and the United States.

In 2010, Mr. Hong joined Hanwha Chemical to lead its Solar R&D Group. Prior to joining Hanwha, he held leadership positions at Millinet Solar, LG Semicon and Applied Materials Korea.

Mr. Hong received his B.S. in Petroleum and Mineral Engineering from Seoul National University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST).