Hanwha SolarOne

Mission Statement

We are committed to offering our customers innovative and reliable products with the ultimate goal of providing complete customer service satisfaction.

Hanwha SolarOne provides the world with a truly alternative source of energy through a fully-integrated solar business model.

Company Vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in the solar industry by 2020, Offering distinctive and innovative solutions for enhanced customer satisfaction and confidence.

Company Values

Company core value : Challenge / Dedication / Integrity

Challenge : Becoming the best through change and innovation

“Challenge is achieving objectives through continuous self-improvement, strong self-confidence and the highest expertise in the field with an open and creative mind.”

Conduct Principle

  1. Becoming the best in each respective field through aggressive self-development

  2. Continuously searching for new ideas and opportunities through open and creative mindset

  3. Achieve objectives through strong confidence

We will maintain an open mindset and communication channel to maximize creativity that leads to innovative solutions and ideas. In addition, on top of expertise and confidence, we will emphasize passion that will lead to the achievement of our defiant objectives.

Challenge represents the consistent will for change and improvisation for the surrounding volatile environment. The increasingly fierce global market environment calls for a more aggressive challenge amongst its members to achieve objectives. 

Dedication : value the relations to the utmost with our company, clients and customers and exert our best for the greater goal.

“Dedication is achieved through aligning each individual goal with the corporate goal. This means that each member put the long-term common goal first to achieve the corporate goal and vision.”

Conduct Principle

  1. Prioritize our common goal as an organization

  2. Value our relations with customers and consistently develop customer value

  3. We share a common goal based on the trust of the potentials of our members

Dedication is putting the common goal of the team, company and the group before our personal objectives. Since the achievement of the common goal is directly linked to the personal growth and profit of each member, dedication is the virtue that will bring success as a whole.

The company and our members form a great organization based on understanding and joy of achieving the common goal.
Therefore, the company not only looks at the short-term achievements but also the long-term prospects of its members. In this process the company has the responsibility to allocate each member to the adequate positions based on each respective expertise.

We walk side by side with our customers, where the virtue of dedication is put to light. We value the relations with our customers, where we value our long-term partnership above short-term profits in this relationship.
Therefore, all Hanwha members must prioritize and bear the importance of this value in conducting everyday business.

Integrity : Live and act by impartiality and pride.

“Integrity is living by a set principle and respect based on transparency and impartiality.”

Conduct Principle

  1. Act upon the principle of honesty above short-term profits

  2. Respect each member based on transparency and impartiality

The main focus is in the impediment of short-term profits. We should strive for a more long-term value and not be mislead to personal profits. All members of Hanwha SolarOne should act upon the virtue of honesty and abide by all stipulated regulations such as the law, corporate regulation, ethics code and management philosophy.

We should refrain from any personal agenda and respect our members based on transparency and impartiality.